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11 December 2008

On Amarok 2, Or: How You Can Always Find A Way Of Shooting Yourself In The Foot

At the beginning, it was WinAmp. And Linux people saw it was good, and lo, XMMS was born. But then XMMS grew old, as it was built with obscure graphic libraries for X-server that no-one knew anymore, and its interface was kludged by too many broken skins. So the desktop-people spawned dozens of their own players, all broken in one way or the other, and the Linux people grew sad.

One day, from the sky a new player fell, and it had excellent playlist and collection management, and it would read your mind and find music you didn't even know you had anymore. They called it Amarok, and started spreading the good news to the unfaithful, and lo, even the barbarian "windowsers" started being converted by the power of the Loved Wolf.

But in their hearts, people knew that the good times would end sooner or later. Because it was written that decent programs, when condemned to upgrade cycles, will inevitably be subject to feature creep and unneeded refactoring. And so it was, once again: Amarok 2 was unleashed onto the world, and people could see its brokenness. The program had been corrupted (like many before) by the temptation of integrating "with the web", renouncing playlists and smart features in order to pander to brainless chavs -- people more interested in seeing an album sleeve or reading about the sex life of boybands than listening to the actual music. And the Linux masses were left stranded, once again, without a decent media player, condemned to wander forever in the land of sadness and broken players.

(All this to say that Amarok 2 sucks -- they've taken away good features in exchange for eye-candy which reminds me of the terrible Windows Media Player. I'm staying on Amarok 1.x forever.)

Update: a year later...

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  • At 23/12/08 17:48, Blogger zach said…


  • At 1/2/09 03:35, Anonymous lolski said…

    Very true.

    I can't $%^!%T# figure out how to add songs to my iPod until now

  • At 6/5/09 02:43, Blogger Ben said…

    How to go back to Amarok 1.4:

    Praise the lord and pass the ammunition, Amarok 2 is terrible! It's actually worse than iTunes -- and I didn't know that was possible!!!

  • At 15/5/09 18:53, Anonymous John said…

    Amen brother! Thanks for the link Ben, very useful

  • At 1/6/09 15:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Preach it! I'm using a development version of Exaile now, but it's not yet as good as Amarok 1.4 was.

  • At 3/6/09 18:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Amen indeed! Perhaps the heavens will send us some QT developers to port the original 1-Series Amarok to Qt4. And rid us of the "usability" fetishist's shite.

  • At 29/9/09 04:44, Blogger Airencracken said…

    Amen. Thou art preaching to the choir.

  • At 5/3/10 10:03, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hopefully , a group of Gaul always resist and with the Magic Potion's help , Amarok ported to qt4 is coming under the name of Clementine ( see on kde-apps )

    dum dum dum dum dum :]


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