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01 June 2009

note to self

When you start writing hacks like this:

for attr in ['Something1','someThing2'...'SomeThing215']:
... it's probably time for a subclass.

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posted by GiacomoL @ 9:08 AM  


  • At 1/6/09 09:30, Blogger Giulio Piancastelli said…

    ...and it's probably time to repent as well. How did you get trapped into that mess in the first place? :-D

  • At 1/6/09 10:48, Blogger GiacomoL said…

    When you have to manage 20+ textual fields in one screen, you take all the shortcuts you can find :)

    Note that I only reduced the hackery, but it's still there and I honestly can't find a better way; it's now something like this:
    for item in mysequence: self.__dict__[item+'Entry'] = NewClass(item)


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