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01 September 2008

Amazon-to-Goodreads Greasemonkey script

This is a little Greasemonkey script that will add a link to Amazon item pages to see the reviews on Goodreads (if the book is available there). The result will look like this:

You can download it from here: Amazon-to-Goodreads Greasemonkey script 2.0. Note that you will need to install Greasemonkey first, if you haven't already.
I also put the script on as well.

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posted by GiacomoL @ 7:46 AM  


  • At 9/5/09 22:09, Blogger Casey said…

    Love the script, thanks! FYI (for you or if anyone else comes across this): On line 37, I had to remove the from the link, the m[1] had that already. I am using firefox 3 on linux.

    Thanks again!


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